The Herne Bay Clock Tower Project

Herne Bay Clock Tower ProjectThey say that the 176 year old, Grade II Listed Herne Bay Clock Tower is the oldest freestanding, purpose-built clock tower in the world.

At 82ft tall and having been exposed to the harsh marine elements, this  traditional structure has started to erode and deteriorate, so the Heritage Lottery Fund and Canterbury City Council are funding a complete restoration of the Tower, to hopefully keep it in Herne Bay for a good few more decades.

 Ballman Roofers part of the Herne Bay Clock Tower  Project

We are very proud to be part of the restoration works to the clock tower, as this is a major part of our home town’s heritage and very close to our hearts.

The works involve  replenishing the existing asphalt coverings to the tower steps and bell tower surface. We are upgrading this with a high performance, reinforced plastic membrane Sikalastic 618.   This will provide long lasting waterproofing as well as protecting the substrate beneath. It is an ideal solution for a location like this, due to its hard wearing flexible properties in a situation  where weather conditions can become very harsh. The Herne Bay Clock Tower Project is one of many projects Ballman Roofing Contractors have been awarded by Canterbury County Council this year.

Tower House Project

Ballman Roofing Contractors were awarded a roofing project by Canterbury County Council as part of the regeneration works to Tower House, Canterbury.  The work involved repairs to rooftop.  During the restoration,  we also installed high density insulation boards, replaced valleys, introducing expansion joints, carried out some tile repairs, and lime mortar repairs. As you can see from the pictures transformation is quite striking.

Whitstable Castle

We executed some repairs to Whitstable Castle earlier in the year, which was another project instructed by Canterbury City Council and Ballman Roofing Contractors were awarded the tender.

The works included encapsulation of some of the castle’s crenellations with lead cappings dressed, welded, welted and clipped, in order to allow for the expansion of the lead, protect the delicate  stone and, most importantly, protect the visual aesthetics of the castle, whilst keeping the water away.

Ballman Roofing Contractors are leadwork specialists and have a team of highly skilled lead workers who install all forms of leadwork in accordance with Lead Sheet Association guidelines. Ballman include lead working with pitched roofing to tiling and slating, so we can execute an entire project  with accuracy, continuity,  organisation and dedication from start to finish. “taking roofing to another level”.

About Andy Ballman

Andy Ballman is the Founder of Ballman Roofing Contractors in Herne Bay, Kent. Andy is passionate about quality and service. Contact Andy for Free New Roof or Roof Repair Estimates in Kent and South East England.