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    Roofer in KanterburyRoofer in Canterbury

Ballman Roofing Contractors: Your Expert Roofing Company in Canterbury Often, customers tell me that they choose Ballman Roofing over our competitors (even when we are sometimes not the cheapest) because they sense our passion for the job. All craftsmen at Ballman Roofing are closely monitored and constantly trained, both internally and externally, contracting on an employed basis (not timed-priced work). We get on and get the job done, but there is no rushing just a quality job – perfection cannot be rushed!

Fascias and Soffits works in Canterbury We have recently finished working on a replacement roofline from timber to UPVC with white soffits and fascia boards, on an apartment block near the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. The reason for this upgrade is that UPVC needs no maintenance. Buildings like this one require the fascias to be painted every two years –  with a span of over 75 linear metres, the cost is immense (almost as much as UPVC over-cladding). Once the plastic roofline products are fitted, the maintenance is minimal for many, many years to come. For more information on fascias, soffits and guttering from a roofing contractor in Canterbury, please call 01227 741094.

Flat Roof Works in Canterbury Another job finished this week by Ballman, your roofing company in Canterbury, was a traditional built up felt flat roof. This type of roofing is becoming fewer and farther between, with competition of newer products such as fibreglass, rubber and poly plastics etc. These other products do come with longer guarantees, but a well installed felt roof should last well in excess of 15 years and the bonus is the felt manufacturers have had to lower prices to cope with competition, so a felt roof is still by far the cheapest flat roof covering, although beware of those unscrupulous roofers that come in with cheap prices and only install two layers – a built up flat roofing system should be three layers thick!

For more information from your flat roofing company in Canterbury, Ballman Roofing, why not drop an email to  More picture and up dates to come soon.

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Andy Ballman is the Founder of Ballman Roofing Contractors in Herne Bay, Kent. Andy is passionate about quality and service. Contact Andy for Free New Roof or Roof Repair Estimates in Kent and South East England.