Roof Mortar Repair

Roof Mortar Repair in Kent

Roof Mortar Repair in Kent

Roof Mortar Repairs Across Kent
Ballman Roofing offer an extensive range of repair services for all roof details and coverings to give your roof and chimneystacks long lasting protection against the elements.

Where is mortar typically used for strengthening the roof?
* Fixing ridge and hip tiles
* For general pointing and finishing of tiled roofs
* Chimneystacks
* Cement fillets
* Pointing lead

When Ballman Roofing repair your roof, they repair it properly

We will replace and repair sections that need replacing and properly bed mortar back, to give a sound structure that will stay strong through adverse weather conditions, using our own tower scaffolding and harnessing equipment to save you money, but still complying with health and safety regulations.

In the winter time, conditions can make cement workability much harder.  In essence, if the cement mix freezes before setting correctly, the strengthening process never occurs – within no time, this mortar will fail.

Unlike many other contractors, Ballman Roofing go to great lengths to ensure the mortar sets correctly, overcoming low temperature issues by using additives, plasticiser and insoluble hydrophobic ingredients for permanent water proofing.  This gives good workability, high early strength, setting acceleration and anti freeze, to ensure good frost resistance and a rapid setting time. Taking these precautions adds literally years to your roof life in winter conditions!

All roofs require maintaining. If you have concerns about your roof, call Ballman Roofing.  We will provide a free, no obligation quotation, providing you with a detailed breakdown. We are able to repair all types of roofs and in any condition. It is a maintained roof that will stay secure in the winter storms.

Roof Mortar on Residential Properties in Kent

The roofs of nearly all residential properties will have cement features that act as weathering, strengthening and enclosure to exposed roof junctions. Many people are unaware that cement features are often the first element of the roof to fail. Once the mortar bed begins to fail, the roof becomes weakened and exposed to serious damage from high winds.

Simply by having mortar replacement carried out promptly with any necessary tile repairs, literally thousands of pounds can be saved in the long-run – not only by avoiding replacement, but by avoiding the damage that can be caused internally if a severely damaged roof allows water ingress.

It is important to choose a reputable contractor that you can trust to carry out the work, as unfortunately it is very difficult to ascertain from the ground whether the correct rebedding and repointing works have been undertaken.

Over pointing can look pleasing to the eye, but in terms of substance it really gives nothing to the roof strength; over a hard winter, the cement will flake off and end up in the gutter.

Ask Ballman Roofing for Roof Mortar Repair Quotation

Ballman Roofing always offer a fair price to carry out high standard repairs, where needed. Ballman Roofing pride themselves on the quality of workmanship, and quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Leaking Roof in Herne Bay Kent

I first met Andy Ballman when he visited my home in Herne Bay to inspect and quote for repairing our leaking roof. As is usual we got three quotes from local roofing companies and eventually chose Ballman Roofing not because they were the cheapest but because Andy explained why the roof had leaked and what was needed to fix it more clearly than the other two roofing companies.

When the team from Ballman Roofing turned up to carry out the repair which included replacing roof tiles and roof mortar as well as replacing and finishing off a section of water stained bedroom ceiling, they were friendly, polite and professional and importantly they left my house and external property as clean as it was when they arrived.

Highly recommended.
Mick Say
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