Kent Sun Tunnels

A Sun Tunnel is a modern solution delivering natural daylight into rooms where there is no possibility to install windows, or the light produced is insufficient. Sun tunnels are becoming more and more popular as a method for illuminating living spaces. These tunnels are often used when a rooflight or dome cannot be used.  Examples of this include first floor rooms, areas that do not have a flat roof and in houses where roof attic storage is not open living space. This skylight enables the delivery of natural daylight to places where it was previously impossible.

Kent Sun Tunnels

Kent Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels are ideal for providing natural light to illuminate and brighten up basements, bedrooms, converted rooms, corridors, bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobes and so on.

It is especially beneficial to install sun tunnels in children’s rooms, offices, computer rooms and all other rooms where we use our eyes intensively.  Not only can focus be strained under artificial light but vision can be affected too.  Another benefit of natural sunlight is as a mood enhancer.

Sun Tunnels are installed into the roof space and fixed to the tile or slate battens, the covering is then cut and fixed backed for weathering. The dome takes in sunlight, which is sent down the reflective pipe and diffused through a light screen into the desired living space.

Lift your mood with Canterbury Sun Tunnels fitted by Ballman Roofing Contractors.

Free Sun Tunnel Surveys and Quotations in Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors provide free surveying and quotations.  Often our customers are in disbelief at how much light the tunnels can provide and the places that we can deliver the sunlight to, 5m from the point of light attraction in the roof space.  Herne Bay sun tunnels on 01227 741094.