Roof Lights Fitted in Kent

Roof Lights Fitted in Kent

Ballman Roofing supply and fit all sun tunnels, rooflights and roof dome systems bringing light to those places that were once dark and dingy. These are especially rewarding in areas that cannot achieve sun light from standard windows: hallways, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

Rooflights are the simplest and easiest way to transform an otherwise gloomy space into a light, airy and attractive room, which will make you want to spend more time in!  This is a surprisingly cost-friendly method to attain a light atmosphere. For professionally installed rooflights in HerneBay call 01227 741094

These products will make your property more appealing to a prospective purchaser and essentially add value your home. This is an investment rather that than an outlay!

Why Choose Rooflights?

The primary purpose of a rooflight is to provide natural light in areas with small or no windows, or windows that don’t attract much sunlight and places that have shade casting upon them from high neighboring trees, for example. Our rooflight installations however, are far from just functional necessities.

Ballman fitted rooflights use the best manufactured products available which are skilfully crafted into the existing roof spaces. These are architectural features, bringing not only light but style to your living space.

Like other products that Ballman Roofing use, our rooflights are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the client; there are many standard products and sizes available and in many cases we can source a rooflight from “off the shelf” to fit your requirements. If, after providing our free consultation, an “ off the shelf product” doesn’t suit your property and your requirements, we can source custom made products to suit your needs.  Rest assured, all our knowledge shared and the advice given is absolutely free, along with our quotation. Rooflights in Herne Bay provided by Ballman Roofing Contractors.

Automatic Rooflight Venting

Rooflights can also be supplied with automated venting, which allows you to cater for differences in temperatures inside and out, solving the issues with rooms that have no windows but need ventilation for either industrial safety reasons or domestic comfort requirements, letting in a summer breeze to cool whilst having the ability of keeping out the cold winter air.

With three layer air systems the thermal values of our dormers and rooflights are exceptional.