Lead Work


Lead is renowned for its durability, and when properly laid will outlast all other coverings. It is without question the most preferred form of protective weathering. Not just used for durability, lead creates a desirable look and can really set off any roofscape

Lead Roof Craftsmen
Our specialists are fully committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, creating artwork with traditional techniques that have been learned and passed on for hundreds of years.

We carry full employer & public liability insurance, and provide a minimum 10 year insurance backed guarantee with all our new work. Working throughout Kent installing lead work in HerneBay, lead work in Canterbury and including large lead work contractor installations. Welding works are covered under our hot works permit.

Our portfolio covers all aspects of sheet lead work including:

  • Lead flashings
  • Welded fabrication
  • Lead dormer tops and cheeks
  • Lead lined gutters
  • Lead flat roofs
  • Lead valleys
  • Lead cladding
  • Cornices and copings
  • T-prin expansion welding

From Roof Flashing to Complete Lead Roof Coverings

Lead is a versatile roof covering which has been used for hundreds of years in domestic and commercial roof applications, from simple flashing to complete roof structures.

Leadwork and Clay tiling in Chilham (4)

Lead Bays Guildhall




New Lead capping Reeves Canterbury

Lead capping Reeves




Pitched Bays Tower House