Old Kent Pegs and Leadwork Turret Roofing

Old Kent Peg

Old Kent Peg

One of our favourite projects involved intricate detailing of not only lead work, but mitred tiling to form corners, the type of job to really test a roofer! I will soon be adding another page to this site relating to Oast house roofing and turrets in clay tiles and Old Kent Pegs. I will then up load some images of our proud work.

The tiling itself was fishtail with bull-nose and plain peg tiles mixed, forming a nice pattern. The turret has 8 sides with vertical tiling beneath the windows.  The mitres were cut and lead soakers dressed for weathering, giving a smooth transition from once face to another.

Lead Work

The lead flashing was nailed to the back of the eave batten, then screwed in place, pinned behind the tile batten. Once the lead had been dressed down, it was scalloped in line with the bonding of the tiles and rolled to give an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Lead valleys were dressed into place to form the channel where the turret roof meets the hip section of the main roof. Because steelwork was added to create an arch way, extra lead details had to be added to weather.  Lead welding and wider lead bays were dressed into place. The outlet became more of a dormer detail than a valley outlet, because if this detail.

The roofing job is situated in Chestfield between Canterbury and Whitstable Kent. The finish is very pleasing to the eye and makes all the hard work feel worthwhile. Look out for the picture soon to come.

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