Medieval Roof Repair in Dover

Conservation Area Roof Repairs on a Medieval Property in Dover

Here is an example of how a DekSeal Roof Membrane can be used in conjunction with lead edging to create the genuine appearance of a lead roof.

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Medieval Roof Repair in Dover

DekSeal roof covering on a medieval period property porch in Dover.

The porch was replaced with oak, scarfed into the existing framework. We installed a lead drip detail, dressed over the edges and then applied a DekSeal Membrane to the surface, encasing the oak posts and bonding to the glass at the abutment, to weather.

From the ground, it looks like a typical lead flat top roof, but the substrate is a DekSeal Membrane, significantly reducing labour time, weight and ultimately cost.


According to archaeologists, Dover has been occupied since Stone Age times and has a very long and interesting history, which includes many medieval buildings. Ballman Roofing Contractors are based in Kent and specialise in Conservation Area roof repairs in Dover, Canterbury and the County of Kent.

Check out Wikipedia for more information on Dover’s rich history.