Liquid applied roofing application – Sikalastic®-618

Liquid applied roofing application


Here is an example of a liquid applied roofing application which we supply called Sikalastic.  Sikalastic 618 is an advanced flat roofing product that comes with our highest recommendation to clients who are considering flat roofing options.

Sika 618 is a single component waterproofing membrane. The installation is cold-applied, avoiding the need for hot works. The material is polyurethane, which is moisture-triggered. It cures to form a seamless, resistant waterproofing solution for exposed roof areas. The membrane is incredibly durable and flexible. When installed correctly, it has great aesthetic appeal with its shiny dark grey appearance that can be likened to lead, when traditional “woodcore” or “mopstick” details are kept in place.

Sikalastic®-618 – Liquid applied roofing application

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This example is a lead roof in Herne Bay that had suffered major damage in the December 2013 storms. The existing lead detailing had not been correctly carried out by the original contractor and the lead was ruined. We advised the client that, due to the substantial cost of replacement in lead, the best option was to recover the roof with a fully bonded Sikalastic 618 membrane, and offset the salvaged lead value against the cost of the works. We installed the roof with a mechanically fixed perimeter clipping detail, designed by us, dressed onto the roof tiles. You can see from the pictures how this job evolved and that a very successful outcome was achieved.

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Herne Bay in Kent had been hit badly by the storms in December 2013. Gale force winds and lashing rain, damaged roofs and buildings all over Kent. It brought chaos to many towns, causing traffic and rail network di
sruptions.  Fears of floods
and actual flooding and flying debris meant that people were evacuated from their homes, so you can imagine extent of the substantial damage to roofs like this one.

Ballman Roofing Contractors will provide a 25 year guarantee for a new roof with a liquid applied roofing application – The Sika618 installation and a 10 year guarantee when this product is used in a repair.

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