3M Scotchkote

3m Scotchkote Kent

3m Scotchkote Kent

Scotchkote Liquid-Polyurethane-Coating
Ballman Roofing are experienced installers of 3M Scotchkote cold-applied roofing system, which is a state of the art roofing technology! Its appearance is supremely attractive and can be used as a replacement to lead. There is no need for heat or flames on your roof giving you peace of mind.  For liquid roofing Canterbury and rubber roofing Canterbury call 01227 741094.

This liquid applied roofing system is a long-term, environmentally economical flat roof renovation and repair option. Landfill is reduced as all coatings can be applied onto existing surfaces, which also means that you can continue working underneath the roof with minimal disruption.  Once the system is installed, rip up never need take place again!

25 Year Life to First Maintenance

The 3M ScotchKote “25 year life to first maintenance” roof system comprises Scotchkote roofing Poly-Tech EC. This system is a liquid applied (reinforced with chop strand), moisture triggered polyurethane membrane that cures together to form a seamless, durable long lasting waterproof coating for all flat roof types.

This material is highly UV stable and will not split or crack. The past roofing methods, eg bitumen and asphalt seem primitive in comparison in their inability to cope with elementary corrosion and thermal movement. Available in a choice of standard roofing colours, this material provides an exceptional barrier to water ingress.

3M Scotchkote Features

  • Unrivalled waterproofing & weatherproofing ability
  • 25 years without requiring maintenance
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Does not embrittle with age
  • Superb flexibility
  • Mouldable around all roof furniture
  • Non water reactive, no foaming, can hold constant
  • Fast curing

3M ScotchKote Benefits

  • Fire resistance rating – AA top BBA fire rating
  • Totally seamless finish giving no points for failure
  • Reduces roof weight
  • Cold applied so no naked flame needed
  • Once applied, it becomes an integral part of the roof and joins abutments with ease
  • Minimal disruption caused and internal operations can continue
  • Ideal for heavy foot traffic
  • Can be used for decking areas and balconies      

Areas to Use 3M ScotchKote

Felt Roofs – Can be used as an over coat system. Provides a complete seamless flexible membrane.

Upstands & Parapet Walls – Provides a complete waterproofing for abutments and stepped levels.

Insulation Boards – A seamless membrane over insulation, either on underlay or directly onto taped and primed board.

Asbestos Roofs – Can weather an asbestos roof, without the need for removal.

Flashings – Can be used as an alternative to lead to weather, removing risk of theft.

Balconies and walkways – grip systems and coloured areas can be applied to walkways, or tiled effects.

3M™ Scotchkote™ Liquid Coating serving rubber roofing companies in Thanet and across Kent