Flat Roof

The felt layers are bonded together with heated bitumen, which sets and seals the felt sheets together. There is a variation of finishes with felt roofing such as; a reflective solar paint, lime stone chippings, mineral spa chippings etc. these are all designed to keep the roof protected from the extremes of seasonal temperatures.

Felt roofs have advanced considerably in the last few years, with the introduction of modern high performance felts which incorporate polyester membranes that give excellent strength, durability and life expectancy. The main advantage of built-up felt roofing is the cost, it is the cheapest form of flat roofing cover available.

New Flat Roof Installations and Flat Roof Repairs in Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors provide a First Class flat roof service for domestic or commercial clients.  Your flat roofer in HerneBay providing new flat roofs or flat roof repairs in Kent and the South East.

Whilst the majority of existing flat roofs are constructed from bituminous felt, we recommend that modern day flat roof installations or major repairs are done using fibreglass or rubber roofing systems.

Felt roofing over larger areas becomes a much cheaper covering option than any other form of flat roofing product. With felt performance now at a higher quality than ever before, in terms of cost you will find nothing cheaper

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Roof terrace and foot traffic walkways Folkestone

Roof terrace and foot traffic walkways Folkestone


Balman Flat Roofing Services in Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors provide a traditional flat felt roofing service and repair work, as well as new fibreglass and rubber membrane.

Roof services in Kent and the South East of England. Your number one flat roofer in Canterbury