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The Herne Bay Clock Tower Project

They say that the 176 year old, Grade II Listed Herne Bay Clock Tower is the oldest freestanding, purpose-built clock tower in the world. At 82ft tall and having been exposed to the harsh marine elements, this  traditional structure has started to erode and deteriorate, so the Heritage Lottery Fund and Canterbury City Council are funding a complete restoration of the Tower, to hopefully keep it in Herne Bay for a good few more decades.  Ballman Roofers part of the Herne Bay Clock Tower  Project We are very proud to be part of the restoration works to the clock tower, as this is a major … [Read more...]

Historic Tower House Project in Canterbury

Work has begun on Canterbury s Tower House to make it more accessible to the pubic with modernisation. The City Council has £646,000 to spend on improving usability so that  Tower House can be available for private hire, such as weddings, and other events and so that it is also still able to be used by the council for civic events. Tower House is a Grade II listed building located in Canterbury and the Tower is said to have been around since 1600. Improvements at the Tower House Project in Canterbury The modernisation of this historic property in Canterbury will include a lift baby … [Read more...]

Old Kent Pegs and Leadwork Turret Roofing

One of our favourite projects involved intricate detailing of not only lead work, but mitred tiling to form corners, the type of job to really test a roofer! I will soon be adding another page to this site relating to Oast house roofing and turrets in clay tiles and Old Kent Pegs. I will then up load some images of our proud work. The tiling itself was fishtail with bull-nose and plain peg tiles mixed, forming a nice pattern. The turret has 8 sides with vertical tiling beneath the windows.  The mitres were cut and lead soakers dressed for weathering, giving a smooth transition from once … [Read more...]

Quality Guaranteed

Ballman Roofing Contractors Insurance Backed Guarantees Ballman Roofing provide a minimum ten year insurance backed guarantee with all new work. We take our customer services very seriously and understand that home owners have great concerns when contractors are carrying out projects on their house and especially the validity of guarantees provided. This is due to the few unsavoury characters in society that cannot be trusted. To give our customers peace of mind with all new work, we offer to set up and pay for a policy that provides you with insurance protection. Details listed … [Read more...]

Roofer in Canterbury

Roofer in Canterbury Ballman Roofing Contractors: Your Expert Roofing Company in Canterbury Often, customers tell me that they choose Ballman Roofing over our competitors (even when we are sometimes not the cheapest) because they sense our passion for the job. All craftsmen at Ballman Roofing are closely monitored and constantly trained, both internally and externally, contracting on an employed basis (not timed-priced work). We get on and get the job done, but there is no rushing just a quality job - perfection cannot be rushed! Fascias and Soffits works in Canterbury We have recently … [Read more...]

Liquid applied roofing application – Sikalastic®-618

Here is an example of a liquid applied roofing application which we supply called Sikalastic.  Sikalastic 618 is an advanced flat roofing product that comes with our highest recommendation to clients who are considering flat roofing options. Sika 618 is a single component waterproofing membrane. The installation is cold-applied, avoiding the need for hot works. The material is polyurethane, which is moisture-triggered. It cures to form a seamless, resistant waterproofing solution for exposed roof areas. The membrane is incredibly durable and flexible. When installed correctly, it has great … [Read more...]

Roof Maintenance Check

Identifying possible problems with your roof early can save a great deal of money by correcting small problems, before they develop into big ones. We provide full roof surveying services.  As your roofer in Herne Bay, we aim to provide more support than any other roofing companies in Herne Bay.  Please follow our guidelines below to check your roof. Roofing Checklist Checking the Condition of a Slate roof From the loft When you are inside the loft, you can easily asses damage.  When looking, keep an eye out for damaged felt and wet, or even rotting timbers.  This will indicate areas … [Read more...]

Andy Ballman

Andy Ballman - Ballman Roofing Contractors in Kent Andy Ballman was born in the West Country county of Devon, son of Malcolm and Lynda Ballman. Andy grew up with his sister Natalie ,who now lives and works in London. At the age of four Andy and his immediate family moved to HerneBay, due to his father’s career with the Halifax. From an early age, Andy wanted to be a fireman until it became apparent that his lack of vertical growth rendered him “out side of their criteria”. Studying at the Chaucer Technology College, Andy took Business Studies and Computing. After passing these courses, he … [Read more...]

Terms of Business

By completing the form below you declare that you agree to abide by Ballman Roofing Terms of Business. BALLMAN ROOFING CONTRACTORS - GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. ORDER – Your order must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable us to proceed forthwith; otherwise we are at liberty to amend quoted prices to cover any increase in cost / work resultant upon lack of information, amendments or additions (including extras) and time for delivery / completion of work may have to be extended. Placement of your order in any format constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions, … [Read more...]