Liquid applied roofing application – Sikalastic®-618

Here is an example of a liquid applied roofing application which we supply called Sikalastic.  Sikalastic 618 is an advanced flat roofing product that comes with our highest recommendation to clients who are considering flat roofing options. Sika 618 is a single component waterproofing membrane. The installation is cold-applied, avoiding the need for hot works. The material is polyurethane, which is moisture-triggered. It cures to form a seamless, resistant waterproofing solution for exposed roof areas. The membrane is incredibly durable and flexible. When installed correctly, it has great … [Read more...]

Commercial Roofer in Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors is at the leading edge of commercial roofing. We are proud to offer professionalism, attention to detail and unrivalled passion and advancing knowledge in our industry. Ballman Roofing Contractors is Health and Safety compliant when undertaking any roofing project, to enable safe operation in the commercial roofing environment. You can have every confidence that Ballman Roofing Contractors is the right contractor for your project. Our consultation and quotations are free of charge and we tender for all contracts. After choosing our company, you will find … [Read more...]

Lead Workers In Canterbury

Lead Roof Work in Canterbury We were proud of our leadwork project of 20 lead bays to an orangery roof in Canterbury. As we all know, lead roofing is coming under quite a bit of bad press lately, due to the desirability for scrap value. Still, despite this, there is a great call for lead workers, lead sheet roofers and lead work contractors in Kent. The reason for this is due to architectural design, conservation requirements and because when lead is correctly applied it is still the most durable roofing material available on the market. This particular project contains many bays with … [Read more...]

Canterbury Roof Conservation Kent Peg Roof Replacement

Canterbury Roof Conservation Kent Peg Roof We are full of pride for this project, which we carried out in 2012.  It’s the old St Dunstan’s School in London Road, Canterbury. The specification was to completely remove and then relay the old roof, adding appropriate insulation and ventilation to meet Conservation Area requirements set down by the Local Authority and Building Regulations. Being in a Conservation Area, the arrangement of tiles had to go back “like-for-like”, with alternating four rows of plain then club “Kent Peg Tiles”. Embracing the character of historical Canterbury … [Read more...]

Slate Roof Extension In Canterbury

Slate Roof Extension in Canterbury This first floor extension over the garage, built by Ballman Roofing Contractors and designed by Anthony Swaine Architecture, demonstrates the importance of detailing, in particular the slate roof and ironwork create a subtle decoration to a simple and subservient extension. Slate roofs tend to be simple in form, due to the use of larger slates, meaning the surfaces are plain - the beauty is created in its arrangement and detail of the junctions with other roof surfaces or parts of the building. Slates of different shape, size and colour (which can … [Read more...]

The Herne Bay Clock Tower Project

They say that the 176 year old, Grade II Listed Herne Bay Clock Tower is the oldest freestanding, purpose-built clock tower in the world. At 82ft tall and having been exposed to the harsh marine elements, this  traditional structure has started to erode and deteriorate, so the Heritage Lottery Fund and Canterbury City Council are funding a complete restoration of the Tower, to hopefully keep it in Herne Bay for a good few more decades.  Ballman Roofers part of the Herne Bay Clock Tower  Project We are very proud to be part of the restoration works to the clock tower, as this is a major … [Read more...]

Historic Tower House Project in Canterbury

Work has begun on Canterbury s Tower House to make it more accessible to the pubic with modernisation. The City Council has £646,000 to spend on improving usability so that  Tower House can be available for private hire, such as weddings, and other events and so that it is also still able to be used by the council for civic events. Tower House is a Grade II listed building located in Canterbury and the Tower is said to have been around since 1600. Improvements at the Tower House Project in Canterbury The modernisation of this historic property in Canterbury will include a lift baby … [Read more...]

Roofing Company in Whitstable

Ballman Roofing Contractors provide roofing services in Whitstable.  We provide an effective, friendly service for domestic and commercial properties in Whitstable. We are completely flexible and can react quickly to emergency situations or contracts with tight deadlines. Ballman Roofing can provide all the support and liaisons required with local Building Control to ensure your project complies with Building Regulations. Because we are local to Whitstable, our work is competitively priced and insurance guaranteed. Combining state-of-the-art roofing technologies and our advanced industry … [Read more...]

Roofing Contractor in Canterbury Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors in Canterbury provide all aspects of roofing, both commercially and to the homeowner. One of the many benefits to the domestic properties is the availability of formerly unattainable roofing systems in the domestic market and at a competitive price. Ballman are proud members of Check-a-trade where customers can give feedback online. Some of the many options of flat roof in Canterbury that we install are: fibreglass roofs, rubber roofing and built up felt systems. Ballman Roofing is your company to call for roofing projects in Canterbury. With a dedication to … [Read more...]

Roofing Contractor in Ramsgate Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors serve the homes and business owners of Ramsgate.   For guarantees you can trust and services you can rely on, then this is your roofing contractor in Ramsgate Kent. Because we are local to Ramsgate, our response time is always rapid and our pricing is pleasingly competitive. Ballman Roofing install built up felt systems, rubber systems and fibreglass installations for your flat roof in Ramsgate. Managing to encompass a domestic and commercial service, we are at the top of our game for industry knowledge, regulation developments and product advancements, making … [Read more...]

Roofing Contractor in Margate Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors in Margate provide an effective, friendly service for domestic and commercial property owners in Margate. We are completely flexible and can react quickly to emergency situations or contracts with tight deadlines. Because we are local to Margate, our work is competitively priced and insurance guaranteed. Combining state of the art roofing technologies with our advanced industry knowledge and experience, we work quickly and effectively to get the roofing job done. Installing either a pitched roof or flat roof in Margate Working with integrity, we achieve a … [Read more...]

Roofing Contractor in Herne Bay Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors in HerneBay provide an effective, friendly service for domestic and commercial properties in Herne Bay. We take pride in providing not only an unrivalled level of service, but we also set the benchmark for work standards as well. We are specialists in Marley and Redland Roofing products, our lead work is in BBA approved British Lead Milled sheet and slates are Cupa.  Ballman Roofing use only the best quality products for your roof. Because we are based in HerneBay our work is competitively priced for you, using the advanced products at affordable prices. We can … [Read more...]

Quality Guaranteed

Ballman Roofing Contractors Insurance Backed Guarantees Ballman Roofing provide a minimum ten year insurance backed guarantee with all new work. We take our customer services very seriously and understand that home owners have great concerns when contractors are carrying out projects on their house and especially the validity of guarantees provided. This is due to the few unsavoury characters in society that cannot be trusted. To give our customers peace of mind with all new work, we offer to set up and pay for a policy that provides you with insurance protection. Details listed … [Read more...]

Roofing Contractor in Faversham Kent

Ballman Roofing Contractors in Faversham work hard to provide an effective and friendly service. Working in both sectors, covering domestic roofs and commercial properties in Faversham. Ballman Roofing also provide emergency call out services. Because we are local to Faversham, we are competitively priced. All our new work is insurance guaranteed. Using our advanced industry knowledge and experience, we work quickly and effectively to get the roofing job done.  We cover all aspects of roofing - pitched and many options of flat roof in Faversham Working with integrity to achieve a … [Read more...]