Medieval Roof Repair in Dover

Dover Medieval Roof Contractor

Conservation Area Roof Repairs on a Medieval Proprty in Dover Here is an example of how a Dekseal Roof Membrane can be used in conjunction with lead edging to create the genuine appearance of a lead roof. Contact Ballman Roofing on 01227741094 for information on Medieval Roof Repairs in Kent. Dekseal roof covering on a medieval period property porch in Dover. The porch was replaced with oak scarfed into the existing frame work. We installed a lead drip detail dressed over the edges and then applied a dekseal membrane to the surface, encasing the oak posts and bonding to the glass at … [Read more...]

Roof Replacement in Broadstairs Kent

Broadstairs Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement in Broadstairs Kent Here is our video of work in progress of a roof replacement contract we are currently carrying out in Broadstairs Kent. The job entails the complete re roofing of Abbortsford House in Broadstairs. Abbotsford House was originally a School, then a Hotel and now has been converted into flats. The scope of our works is to provide all access requirements, remove and replace all roof coverings with composite fibre cement slates. All lead work was replaced and we carried out timber and gutter repairs as needed. Contact us on 01227741094 for new roof, roof … [Read more...]

Slate Roof Extension In Canterbury

Canterbury Slate Roof Contractor

Slate Roof Extension In Canterbury. This first floor extension over the garage built by Ballman Roofing Contractors and designed by Anthony Swaine Architecture demonstrates the importance of detailing, particularly the slate roof and ironwork create a subtle decoration to a simple and subservient extension. Slate roofs tend to be simple in form, due to the larger slates meaning the surfaces are plain with the beauty created in its arrangement and detail of the junctions with other roof surfaces or parts of the building. Different size, colour which can range from blue-grey to purple … [Read more...]

Canterbury Roof Conservation Kent Peg Roof Replacement

Canterbury Conservation Roofing

Canterbury Roof Conservation Kent Peg Roof We are full of pride for this project which we carried out in 2012, Its the old St.Dunstans School on London Road in Canterbury. The specification was to completely remove and then relay the old roof adding appropriate insulation and ventilation to meet conservation area building regulations. Being in a conservation area the arrangement of tiles had to go back "like-for-like" with alternating four rows of plain then club "Kent Peg Tiles". Embracing the character of historical Canterbury architecture Lovingly, the cement bed sections … [Read more...]

Liquid Plastic Flat Roof Repair in Kent

Liquid Applied Flat Roof Overcoat Repair

Liquid Plastic Overcoat Flat Roof Repair This is an example of a liquid plastic overcoat roof encapsulation process; this system has a 25 year manufacturer warranty. The system is achieved by the existing perimeter being removed, the surface i.e. chippings are also stripped from the existing flat roof. This system will only work if the existing substrate is in sound condition which is determined during a survey conducted by a member of our specialist flat roof repair team. Once the stones are removed the surface can be prepared by cleaning with a bio wash before the application of … [Read more...]

Flat Roof Repair in Seasalter, Whitstable

Flat Roof Repair in Seasalter, Whitstable

Flat RoofRepair in Seasalter, Whitstable. The job consists of 2 flat roof replacements, over a garage and a rear extension. The existing "felt roof" covering is being stripped off and carted away, the decking inspected and replaced as necessary. On this particular job around 50% of the deck had failed due to water leaks, the deck was replaced with OSB3 smart ply, other options could be wbp ply, marine ply or fully bonded to flat roof insulation boards as a warm roof system. Replacement System The new system comprises of 3 layer torch on high quality bituminous roofing felt and new … [Read more...]

Roofer in Canterbury

Roofer in Kanterbury

Ballman Roofing Contractors: Your Expert Roofing Company in Canterbury The last month of May 2012 has been quite a busy one with projects coming in steadily. Often times customers tell me that they choose Ballman Roofing over our competitors (even when we are sometimes not the cheapest) because they sense our passion for the job. All craftsmen at Ballman Roofing are closely monitored and constantly trained both internally and externally, contracting on an employed basis (not timed price work). We get on and get the job done but there is no rushing just a quality job, perfection cannot be … [Read more...]

Lead workers In Canterbury

Lead Work in Canterbury

Lead Roof Work in Canterbury We have just finished our latest lead work project which is 20 lead bays of an orangery roof in Canterbury. As we all know Lead roofing is coming under quite a bit of bad press lately due to the desirability for scrap value. Still despite this there is a great call for lead workers, lead sheet roofers and lead work contractors in Kent. The reason for this is due to architectural design, conservation requirements and because when lead is correctly applied it is still the most durable roofing material available on the market. This particular project contains … [Read more...]

Roofing Contractor in Dover Kent

Roofing Contractor in Dover

Ballman Roofing Contractors are your local fully insured Roofing Contractor to Dover, we work in both private and the commercial sector. At the leading edge of driving effective roofing technologies to the domestic customer at an affordable price. Some of the many options of flat roof in Dover we install are: fibreglass roofs, rubber roofing, built up felt systems to mention a few providing insurance backed guarantees and or manufacture extended warranties to give you piece of mind with your selected product. Ballman specialise in insulation upgrades, warm roof systems and overcoat … [Read more...]

Kent Roofing Contractor

Kent Roofing Contractor

Kent Roofing Contractors Just to give a follow up of some of the recent work that has been carrying out by Ballman, your Kent roofing contractor and the specialist services we provide. Liquid Applied Membranes (LAM) - Towards the end of last year Ballman Roofing won the flat roofing contract at the Hallets Site in St Dunstans Canterbury using an advanced system beyond any fibreglass roofing in Kent. 3M Scotchkote is an AA Fire rated flat roofing membrane and has flexible qualities. This system also benefits from being infinitely repairable saving the need for rip up and replacement. Please … [Read more...]